Free Training for State Schools

We all know that harmful behaviours, such as bullying, cyberbullying, misogyny, harassment, discrimination and unkind humour, can cause serious and lasting damage. We believe it’s essential for people to know how to speak up, challenge and be allies from a very early age.

That’s why – as part of our corporate social responsibility – we have launched an ambitious project to offer every UK state secondary school a free training session.

For more information or to organise a free training session for your school, please contact us at

Thank you so much for leading the session with our students this afternoon - it was such a helpful message for our boys to hear, and I hope that they will have taken lots from it. Workshops can often lead to students receiving lots of information but little meaningful for them to take away - the Active Bystander workshop could not have been further from this. Practical and relevant advice was incorporated throughout, and our students remained thoroughly engaged. I was really very impressed - thank you!"


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