How to intervene

It’s normal to freeze or panic in a difficult situation. We begin by showing you the 4Ds – to help you think clearly and make a measured decision on what to do.

Direct Action

If you choose to take direct action – we show you how to use your face and your body to show disapproval, as well as your words. We show you how to change the mood of the room, so people know you mean business – and we show you how to speak in such a way that it’s hard for people to interrupt you in full flow. We also show you how to shut down debates and arguments when dealing with conflict and difficult personalities.


Delegation is the option which involves telling someone else. It doesn’t mean ‘tell someone junior and forget about it’. We equip you with confidence building techniques and language tips to help you report unacceptable behaviours and escalate problems with integrity – without feeling like you’re telling tales unfairly.

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